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Dominique and the Mirror

Sometimes a mirror shows us more than a reflection.


​In Harlem, New York, nine-year-old Dominique is a happy African-American girl living with her loving parents. One day, her construction manager father brings a mirror home. To Dominique, it looks like a regular mirror… until one day when she sees a young girl named Sarah staring back at her. And what’s more – Sarah can talk to Dominique!


​But Sarah looks a bit different than what Dominique’s used to. In the magic mirror, Dominique sees Sarah and members of her family working hard while wearing raggedy clothes. This is such a revelation to Dominique that she decides to research African-American history for clues about Sarah and her family… which soon leads to joy in the most unexpected way. ​


In Dominique & The Mirror, author Cassie weaves an inspiring tale about the power of love and dignity. Your child will learn lessons about history and the proud story of one very special family. And like Dominique, you and your child will be inspired to look in the special mirrors in your own lives – because who knows what you’ll find?

Dominique and the Mirror, The Carpenter

It is happening again! Just when Dominique had returned from a whirlwind adventure uncovering the past of one of her ancestors, her magical golden mirror has revealed another face.


What is the mirror trying to teach her now? Who is this soft-featured old man who can neither see nor hear her? It is up to Dominique to unravel the truth once more and look into the past of the life of a slave. Finding herself staring at the birth of her magic mirror is just the beginning, as Dominique is transported back even further into the history of African slaves. The sights and sounds of life back in Africa move her closer to the truth about the carpenter–and the awful truth of the early slave trade. Join Dominique as she peers once again into the past and learns a valuable lesson about herself, her ancestors, and the strength of the human spirit.

Dominique and the Mirror, Sadie’s Journey

The mirror shows only the reflections: of us, of our pasts, and our true nature. When Dominique looks in the mirror she doesn’t just see herself but also the history of her ancestors who would grow, fight, and change through the generations to make a better life for her. After meeting Adedayo and experiencing his journey across the Atlantic into slavery, Dominique now begins the story of his life on the plantation. The beginning of her family’s story in the slave South all comes back to Adedayo and his beloved wife, Sadie. At a turning point in their lives together, their family must brave the most vile and heartbreaking parts of the slave trade and decide whether to succumb to the darkness or carry on.


Continue the journey of Adedayo and Sadie as their family finds themselves torn apart, scattered, and in pursuit of freedom. With nothing more than the will to carry on, Sadie’s family stands as a testament to the human spirit and the desperate flights of those sought a new life. See through Dominique’s eyes the strength of the human spirit and the will of a people to march forward into history.

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